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I owe a great deal to these great stations & air personalities. I'm 45 and even to this day, whenever I hear a top 40 'oldie', I expect to hear a WLS jingle right after it. Scott Baker, Houston TX (7/17/98)"Thanks Jeff, for the chance to give you a few memories of WLS Radio. Pat O'Briant KSYZ 107.7 Grand Island, Nebraska (07/03/98)"Found your WLS web site while surfing. I have Vol I, II,and III of Animal Stories in MINT condition. When Gene was VP/GM and I was a teenager interested in radio, he took me under his wing and offered lots of good advice. Dick (Scott) Ginkows (6/25/98)"He used to do the B. I cannot find anything on the net concerning Bob Sirott."... O'Sullivan (6/14/98)"Amazing the memories the WLS Site brought back to me. I still have copies of the "SILVER DOLLAR SURVEYS" and letters from Ron Riley, Larry Lujack and Joel Sebastian pasted in my old scrapbooks. Listening to the sounds made me feel 15 years old again. In this town of about 15000, we all cruised the downtown area in our cars with our girls and everybody had WLS tuned in on the car radio, and especially to Dick Biondi.

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The jingle singers sang..."Musicradio WLS Chicago"...my world got a little bigger. (I still have some of those old tapes....somewhere..) For years I listened to John, Steve King, Yvonne Daniels, Fred Winston, and Bob Sirott. I have spoke to John Landecker a couple of times and told him I'm his "Biggest Fan". One of the chapters focused on Larry Lujack and WLS.

I studied radio, took my test for my 3rd class endorsement in Dallas, passed and looked for a beginning in radio. The author had apparently "shadowed" Larry for a day or two and written about his experiences. Since you seem to know quite a bit about WLS and its staff, I figured you may know something about the book. I do appreciate your web pages and visit quite often when time allows." Michael Haden (5/13/98)"God I miss the old 89 WLS.

Are you familiar with the author or the book I'm talking about? As a small child growing up in Peoria, Illinois, I used to tune my little blue transistor radio to WLS and listen for hours.

I remember Larry Lujack, John Landecker, and Fred Winston and all of those great jocks.

"My name is Greg Martin, guitarist for The Kentucky Head Hunters. During the day we had WAKY & WKLO out of Louisville, but at night, the real adventure started!

Growing up in south central Kentucky in the 60's, I spent many nights listening to WLS, WCFL, WOWO, & WLAC.As a young musician, AM radio was a major influence. If anyone knows where I can get a copy please let me know."...At 45, I still tour and record with The Head Hunters, plus host my own blues radio show. Tim Hutchison (6/29/98)"I want to add some kind words for one of my mentors, Gene Taylor. I was 9-10 years old and thought it was really wild at the time. Deb Passwater (6/7/98)"I live in Lebanon Missouri, and when I was a teenager growing up in the early sixties, we all enjoyed the sounds of WLS each nite.It was listening to WLS as a little kid that inspired me to get into radio myself.I've been collecting airchecks, jingles and memorablilia from the "Big 89" for the last few years now.It's a crying shame that radio isn't that good anymore.