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Humphreys' helium diffusion data are actually consistent with a date of about 1.5 billion years for the Fenton Hill zircons. Loechelt (2009a) is a detailed rebuttal of Humphreys (2008b) and Loechelt (2009b) is a less technical summary of his response to Humphreys (2008b). As shown in the calculations in my Appendix B of this essay, data from Gentry et al.

Humphreys' work, 2) address criticisms from additional peer-reviewers of this essay, 3) respond to Humphreys (2008a), Humphreys (2008b), Humphreys (2010) and statements from Dr.

Humphreys' allies at the Creation Wiki webpage, and 4) discuss new revelations on how Dr.

Humphreys unethically manipulated results in Magomedov (1970) to protect his YEC agenda. Humphreys' growing number of critics includes physicists, engineers, and geologists.

Humphreys (2008b) even admits that his critics not only include secular scientists, but a diverse group of young- and old-Earth creationists, including members of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA).

In particular, Humphreys (2008a) criticizes the religious diversity of ASA and briefly responds to criticism of his helium diffusion study from Isaac (2007, 2008a, 2008b). Loechelt applied multi-domain diffusion models to Dr Humphreys' and R. Gentry's data, which raise many new arguments that further undermine Dr. Loechelt (2008a; 2008b), which are at the old-Earth creationist Reasons to Believe website, are brief and less technical summaries of Loechelt (2008c).

However, the most extensive and devastating recent criticisms of Dr. Loechelt (2008c) is a detailed report that argues that Dr. Loechelt and I (my Appendix A) demonstrate that Dr.Humphreys' claims originate from old-Earth creationist and materials engineer Dr. Humphreys' claims and his underlying assumptions are oversimplistic, inconsistent and erroneous, and that Dr. Humphreys' Q values from Loechelt (2008c) are based on data from Zartman (1979) and utilize the alpha-correction procedure in Meesters and Dunai (2002b).Copyright 2005-2010 This document is also available in PDF format.[Original version: March 17, 2005] [Revisions: November 24, 2005; July 25, 2006 and June 20, 2010] The following material may be distributed as long as the author is acknowledged, the material is not sold and the text and its internet links are not altered or edited. Humphreys has not silenced his critics, we are waiting for him to answer our numerous questions.Talkorigins permanently archived the original version of this essay after the first update on November 24, 2005 contrary to erroneous statements in footnote #25 of Humphreys (2008b).I further revised my essay on November 24, 2005 to reply to Humphreys (2005a) and again on July 25, 2006 in response to Humphreys (2006).