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She doesn’t even need to have had a threesome before. It just needs to get her more comfortable talking about the kinds of women she likes. Once she’s comfortable talking about the women in her fantasies, it’s time to move onto the next step – exploring her fantasies. But it’s not necessary, there’s still one more build up step.All she needs is to be comfortable with her sexuality and willing to try new things. What if she said “I know how much you’ve been dying for a threesome, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing it with a friend, so I’m going to hire that pornstar you love to join in with us. Take her to a club or anywhere that she’s going to get a little drunk and a bit loose. If you’ve followed all the steps until now, then you should have a horny, curious, confident, and adventurous woman on your hands. There’s still one more step to add in before she starts to BEG you to seduce her best friend.This will be most women that are confident, cool, and fun. The secret to having many, many threesomes isn’t being great at convincing women to do things for you. Imagine yourself standing at an ATM with a newly found ‘sexy’ friend. Well, that’s what you’re asking when you mention how sexy her best friend from high school looks in that red skirt. When she’s sweaty from grinding up against her, start pointing out women and find the ones that she likes. She’s drunk, she’s horny, she’s sexually adventurous, and she feels safe talking about this kind of stuff with you. Next time, you’re having sex, start the dirty talk.

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How to have the special lady in your life begging you to add another girl to your nightly nuptials Do you know what’s hotter than watching a smoking hot blonde with cherry red lips, run her tongue up and down the delicate parts of her deliciously sexy new brunette best friend? Do you want fate to decide whether or not you wake up in the morning with the taste of that curvy Latina who’s been eyeing you from the bar all night and that sweet smell of the delicate and feminine Japanese beauty with the knee high socks, on your lips? So, without further ado, here are the seven steps you need to follow to have the crazy, magazine-worthy 3-somes that are normally reserved for rockstars and playboys. You do that by gradually coaxing more and more sordid and erotic details out of her.

Yes, you can just happen to find two hot girls who’re really into you and really into each other. But is this the kind of thing you really want to leave to chance? It all starts with one innocent question: “What kind of women do you like? Now that you’ve got her comfortable talking about the women she’s attracted to, does this mean you’re going to come home one day and find her spread-eagled, tied to your bed, with that hot friend you’ve always dreamed about in between her legs? Once she’s opened up about the fact that she’s as attracted to Jenny as much as John, it’s time to water that seed and watch her blossoming desire grow.

But, before I get into this, if you’re sitting there thinking “I can’t even get one girl, why should I be bothering to learn about threesomes? Having this information tucked into your belt will mean that if the opportunity does land in your lap, you’ll have the tools to make it happen. There are some women who’re simply too closed off to jump in the deep end with you and that shy, nerdy looking type you see at the coffee shop every Thursday. Because she’s not asking for something from you, she’s helping you do something. This is the secret to having more threesomes than you can count: stop making it about you and make it about her. As you’re strolling down the shopping arcade, arm in arm, feeling relaxed and loved, just after you’ve finished a big lunch and you’re feeling that post-food satisfaction, and you see a girl who matches the description your girlfriend gave you…

No, she doesn’t have to be a promiscuous party girl, fresh from her first high school sweetheart and looking to explore all the sexual wonders that life in college has to offer. …just casually ask “Is that the kind of girl you like? There doesn’t need to be any saucy details or intricate descriptions about the positions she’d put her in or the different knots she’d use to tie her up.

This is the secret to gently guiding your inexperienced female friends into the debaucherous and dirty world of threesomes. ” More often than not, from fear of judgement, most girls will say “No.” If you ask “What kind of women do you like?

“Imagine what it would feel like to be stretched apart by my hard xxxx as xxxx’s tongue runs up and down your clit…” Your job (should you choose to accept it) is to get her imaging what it would feel like to have sex with you while another woman joins in.Get her hot, get her turned on, get her into the mood, and get her cumming while thinking about how much hotter it would be if another girl were there.I know it’s hard to believe that dealing with annoying questions and over-inflated dramas can outweigh the feeling of having a girl sitting in your lap and the other on your face, but it will. After touching your arm and laughing at a few jokes, she asks “Can you give me $300? There are plenty of books and DVDs out there you can get on this topic.You might be able to put up with it for a week, or even a month, but it’ll get to you. There’s a magic question you can ask any woman that will push your chance of a threesome through the roof. Once you’re comfortable telling her all the dirty things you’re going to do to her and screaming about how tight she feels, then start to introduce the x-factor in. Ask her about the look, the vibe, get her to elaborate on as many details as she feels comfortable. All you want to do is set up a relationship that’s open, free, and she feels comfortable talking about the kind of women she’s attracted to. ”, it lets her know that you already know she likes women and that it’s ok for her to talk about it.