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I have a basic html table with text field form in last column and a hidden field on each row of the web table.

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this means in the loop, the $i would be the unique id (one less variable and less HTML).

and please use mysql_real_escape_string() when working with DB transactions.

I know it's an example code but please don't forget that Besides that, yes, you are on the right track I think I understand what you're saying above.

My web form fields are named "scores[]" and "student_id[]" ...which is the actual unique record info.

I was attempting to create code that would update the entire list of entries on the web form, even if the user is not updating that particular field.

(The values of the scores field are populated into the web form at the creation of the table.So if you did not update any scores, but hit the submit button, it would update the database table with the same values.) Here’s my code: (abbreviated to save bytes…) {$student_id[$i]} \r\n"; $qry = "UPDATE assignments SET score = ".$score[$i]." WHERE student_id = " .$student_id[$i].'"'; [email protected]_query($qry); $i++; } } if($result) { header("location: member-index.php"); exit(); }else { die("Query failed"); } ?However, I'm still getting a "Query failed" message on submitting.I'm very new to this so I think I need it more spelled out.I’m trying to update multiple rows in a mysqli table from an HTML form.