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Planting items, also referred to as reverse-pickpocketing and The Shady Sands Shuffle, is the technique of giving items to NPCs through the usual pickpocket interface.This is performed by pickpocketing an NPC, then adding, rather than removing, from its inventory.

This will turn nearby NPCs hostile, even if not having been caught doing anything.

If the first explosion did not kill the NPC outright, it will turn hostile.

Killing an NPC in this way can often make the game crash.

By planting items, the Adytowners (or any other non-hostile NPC) can be equipped with weapons to revolt against the Regulators.

As certain NPCs are unable to use certain types of weapons (due to lacking sprites for specific weaponry), it is necessary to plant appropriate weapon types.

Arming NPCs via reverse-pickpocketing is possible in any area with non-hostile NPCs, but its usefulness is limited by the few areas with opposing NPCs.Reverse-pickpocketing explosives will make an NPC explode according to the timer.Buena Musica Chat es uno de los mejores chats en español para escuchar música, chatear y conocer amigos de todo el mundo.Estas salas de chat son entre las más visitadas de lo que es chat en español. Buena y sus afiliados no se hacen responsables por los comentarios emitidos por los participantes en este foro.No se permite la publicación de mensajes violentos, ofensivos, difamatorios o cualquier contenido que infrinja cualquier ley.Recomendamos el empleo de lenguaje moderado y estrictamente ligado al mundo del entretenimiento, las artes, música y espectáculos.