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“We really just wanted to hang out with each other,” Aniston said.“It was not a ‘We have to do this.’ We really just fell in love and adored each other instantly.We’d hang out at each other’s houses and watch the show together.” Insert collective “Aww” here.

When their mother dies, Danny and Jack must fend for themselves. Four recently paroled female English thieves pull an elaborate stunt to steal a fortune in cash and get a crime boss arrested for it.

Danny escapes with sex, drugs and music and Jack turns a mannequin into a surrogate parent. They plan to escape to Barbados with the loot, but mess...

See full summary » A story about the rise and fall of Zyga - a Polish kid in his early twenties, who wants to take charge of his life after the fall of communism, but in a time of chaos and moral anarchy, unwillingly becomes a gangster.

“And we ate the same food: a Jennifer salad,” Cox said.

Lucky for us, Cox revealed back in 2010 what’s in the “Jennifer” salad: It’s a twist on a Cobb, with garbanzo beans added, and turkey bacon instead of regular bacon.

Aniston shared her new favorite salad last year on the Living Proof Instagram account, so we can imagine what the castmates would lunch on today: “My perfect salad – Bulgar, cucumbers, parsley, mint, red onion, garbanzo beans, feta cheese, & pistachios,” she captioned the tasty pic.crew also set a rumor straight during the chat: They didn’t sign contracts saying they wouldn’t sleep with each other. And the most heartwarming tidbit: The cast genuinely liked hanging out together from the start of the show.cast got together again for a long-awaited reunion—minus one Matthew Perry—to honor prolific sitcom director James Burrows, who directed 15 episodes of the series.It’s the first time the crew has gotten together on TV since the beloved show ended in 2004.They’ve all had their own career adventures since sipping their last cup of coffee at Central Perk, like Courteney Cox starring in the series In between praising the director, the cast shared some behind-the-scenes secrets about the series.One particularly great cast ritual: Lisa Kudrow, Cox and Aniston ate lunch together every day for 10 years.