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Return of the dead+Pixel art request and writing Wow. Recently i was sick so i took a few days offline but now its sunday and im feeling way better then i did. Harry potter and the written curse Is it possible to have a dream which requires physical pain? i wanted to talk to you guys about this continuous dream i'm having. Takes place around hogwarts and my hometown (where i live now)My character is writing a fanfiction. but it can be seen through the artist or writer. Tagging you. best Illustrationdraw spica using a medium of your choice. (if you already watch me just let me know in your comment - tha Raffle [CLOSED] WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENTWINNERS!! (however you want in jornal in a poll...)- fav this journal- i can't do the really hard things (armors and alot of details)okay so yeah comment below and if you read the rules then write "i'm a chocolate"here:1. I was awoken or kept up every night by my drunken mother who would scream at me for no reason. She would stay up with me for the entire night comforting RPG ANIME SIM DATING GAMES!!!

It's been ages since I've been on here,i apologize for the lack of communication and my surprise hiatus but i needed time off. L: it really does,whever get happy you always seem to make me deprssed again.depressed*R: Good hate me.. (I read it, its written beautifully)I cant get the written peice for me to write out. 1st place: :iconmochi-nee:2nd place: :iconacryx0l: HOW TO ENTER: Be a watcher (new watchers are welcome) Fav this journal and write a comment (+1)EXTRA ENTRIES: Make a journal or poll about it (+1) Tag 3 friends (+1)DEADLINE: 22th of July (1 week) PRIZES:♦ 1st prize: Halfbody with the simple background ♦♦ 2nd prize: Halfbody - unlocked ♦ 100 pixel request! One Year Later one year ago, I was alone in my room, crying. Every night ended in tears until I passed out from exhaustion. Schoolwork is piled up and i ave homework every weekend,most likely. (Because i'm asleep when she's writing)I haven't written in days. So here is what happened in the dream besides the basics. Panicking about what was going to happen in a few hours. One year ago, I was covered in grease, sweat and dirt. I know she tried to be a good mom, and it was my fault she started drinking in the first place. We had gotten close in 2013 over Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Well...anyway since i'm back in case i ave another hiatus here is where you can contact me in case i do disappear again because of schoolwork. But i did write something on tumblr which i might post on here. Anyway ere are the places you can reach writingwithwings.Skype: Tumblr Maniac! Gaia: Writingismylife Depending on who you are i will give out my Facebook. Also, I'm looking for someone to do some pixel art for me. Devious Journal Entry People who bully other people just because they feel has been happening to me recently actually it started yesterday but i decided to confront my ex about it since he is the one doing it.