Extreme dating the tv show who is nathan followill dating

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It is important for parents or guardians to show presence and communicate with the casting crew and explain why their child is suitable for the show.

The willing candidates can send their profiles to [email protected] following requirements.

As it is a reality show, the scenes will be shot live and without unnecessary editing.

We also want parents who are tired of controlling their rebellious teens and feel that they are not grown up enough to take charge of their own lives.

Are you a parent who is tired of making your kids realizing your sacrifices?

Are you a parent who wants your kid to go out to the world and face the challenges of life to realize the worth of paradise you built for them?Emancipate Me will choose teens and parents from all over the nation and choose teens with their guardians or parents after hearing their stories.Are you a teen who feels like this is the time to make it on your own?Do you feel that your parents are holding you back and you need to experience life in your own way?Do you want to release your stress and free yourself from their web of control?Do you want to get married, fly away to travel around the world, start a new business or just feel that your parents don’t understand your unique lifestyle? AMG Entertainment is looking for rebellious teens from the age of 14 to 17 years along with their parents and guardians to cast in the upcoming reality TV show.