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Tabitha Wilson (adoptive grandmother)Harry Wilson (adoptive father)Debbie Wilson (adoptive mother) Annie Wilson (adoptive sister)Mark Holland (paternal adoptive half-brother) Dana Bowen (mother) Unnamed Grandmother † Emily Bradford (adoptive cousin) Dixon is the adopted son of Harry and Debbie Wilson, and the adopted brother of Annie.He is also the grandson of Harry's mother Tabitha Wilson.Dixon is good-spirited and a graduate of West Beverly High School.

Then, Harry planned to suspend lacrosse unless the culprits revealed and Navid soon revealed their own involvement.

Though they received punishment, Dixon and Ethan were ultimately allowed to remain on the team.

At home, Dixon later bonded with Harry as they compared their high school experiences; he also learned that his sister Annie had been on a semi-adventure to San Francisco.

When he was faced with being possibly banned from the team, Dixon told Annie that lacrosse was special to him because it had helped create a bond between he and Harry.

Annie later confronted Ethan regarding his dishonesty, which prompted him to exonerate Dixon and set aside any differences they had.

When rival players from Palisades Hall High School vandalized West Beverly, Harry forbid the team from retaliating.In time, however, Dixon and certain others were assisted by fellow student Navid, who helped them set a group of pigs loose on the rival school building.Like Harry in his high school days, Dixon is a skilled lacrosse player.His passion for music eventually led to him signing to a record label and touring at the end of the fourth season. During an early lacrosse practice game at school, a brief fight broke out when Dixon was assaulted by a fellow player named George.The incident was noticed by Ethan (one of Annie's old love interests) who initially gave a false account to the principal of what happened, which was due to peer pressure.In response, Dixon informed Ethan's beautiful, girlfriend Naomi, via text messaging, that Ethan was cheating on her.