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Note that “Germanic” in this chart native speakers of English.

Develop a global partnership for development Types C - Country Data.

my visualization of the percentage of the EU population able to hold a conversation in English, I presented separate percentages for each EU country (apart from Croatia, because the source of data was from 2012).

Then I thought it could be also interesting to determine the percentages for various parts of the EU combined, not just separate countries, so here are some interesting results: This chart shows the percentage of people able to hold a conversation in English (in the EU) by the language family their mother tongue belongs to.

This is because, for many employees around the world, a percentage of their income goes straight to the government, as income tax.

Income Tax Rates Income tax is literally a tax on income, charged as a percentage. United Arab Emirates In the United Arab Emirates, for example, workers don't pay any income tax at all.

Unsurprisingly, over 40,000 millionaires live in the United Arab Emirates, tax free.The Netherlands At the other end of the spectrum, workers in the Netherlands can end up paying 52% income tax.Their tax rates are progressive, meaning the more workers earn, the more they pay. For earnings above this, up to just over €33,000, they pay 10.8%.The percentage then jumps to 42% for earnings up to €56,000.Earn over this and workers pay the top tax rate of 52%. Countries which impose an income tax often have high literacy, good health and social welfare services, and state-funded schools.The tax is cumulative so someone earning €70,000 wouldn't pay the 52% top rate on their whole salary, but rather the cumulative total of each tax bracket. But while the Netherlands has one of the highest top rates of income tax in the world, the progressive rates help to make the system fairer. So although workers in the Netherlands pay some of the highest taxes in the world, they also enjoy some of the highest standards of living.