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But as the downward-facing dog (and other poses) sweep the West, identifying yoga as ' Indian' may increasingly be an uphill battle.The arts sector has mobilised to highlight the damage inflicted by Coalition funding cuts and the value of art to society.

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Graffiti and street art are not just a backdrop in Pokémon Go but also a template for how to navigate urban space.

Indeed lovers of street art have long played their own kind of multi-player game, with sites and rewards hidden across the city.

Sydney's Garden Palace, which burned to the ground in 1882, was a monument to empire's glory.

Indigenous artist Jonathan Jones is now working on an epic exhibition that will explore this historical epoch from an Aboriginal perspective.

Describing someone as 'hysterical' associates them with traits long deemed feminine – being overly emotional, out-of-control and irrational.

If levelled against a male, the charge would impugn his manliness.India has a Minister for Yoga and released an official song on International Yoga Day.The film Bastille Day – featuring a CIA agent trying to avert a terror attack in Paris – has been withdrawn from French cinemas after the tragedy in Nice.But what are we to make of Hollywood's fondness for these kinds of stories?The centenary of the first world war is being memorialised around the world. The Oracle at Delphi offered pronouncements on all manner of topics - yet as with Google today, the question posed was as important as the answer.But as it fades from living memory, our children's education sits uneasily with the uncritical demands of commemoration. Chia, acai, quinoa, guradji - our supermarket shelves are awash with superfoods.